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$90 per hr

              Session length 2 hr - $180


Prepay 5% discount available for 3 to 5 session package

Life Coaching

$95 per hr
Session length 1 hr
Life Coaching 5-Session Package
Package includes five one-hour sessions

Single Sessions

Past Life Regression 

2 Hr. Past Life $180

Multiple session package price available  


Post-Hypnotic Suggestion / Suggestion Therapy

Guided Hypnotic Meditation 

Deep Hypnotic Relaxation/Destress

$90 per hr

Group Hypnosis Services

Group Meditations (90 min.)


*At Least 5 Participants Required


Group Past Life Regression (90 Min.)


*At Least 5 Participants Required


Couples Past Life Regression (2 Hrs)


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